Courthouse and Jail Hours

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Kendall County Courthouse Illinois Address

807 W John St
Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 553-4183

Kendall County Courthouse Hours

8:00am – 4:00pm

Kendall County Jail Address

1102 Cornell Ln.
Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 553-7500

Kendall County Jail Hours

8:00am – 4:30pm

Kendall County Courthouse Yorkville, Ilinois – A Brief History

yorkville il kendall county courthouse

The Kendall County Courthouse is a courthouse in Yorkville, Kendall County, Illinois, United States. The first courthouse building was finished in 1864 yet was later decimated by flame. A copy of the Italianate structure was raised in 1887. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.

Development on the Kendall County Courthouse started in 1862 in Yorkville, Illinois on a feign looking over the Fox River. The limestone and block building was finished in 1864 and went into administration as the essential legal building for Kendall County. The first finished structure stood four and a halfstories tall including its two story dome.

At around 4 a.m on March 25, 1887 the courthouse was struck by flame; Yorkville, without a blaze division at the time, was compelled to depend upon railroad water autos from close-by Aurora to quench any bursts. Nationals of Yorkville recovered the sheriff, his family and two detainees being held in the correctional facility. In spite of the fact that the precise reason for the flame was never decided, it is accepted to have begun in a coal stove in the sheriff’s living arrangement.

The railroad autos did not land to Yorkville in time and the building was very nearly totally annihilated. The flame left just the outer surface dividers standing. After the flame the inner part of the building was overhauled and the building recreated. The top was finished with an one story domed capital. The vault was uprooted in 1920 due to proceeded with issues with water spillage.

The number of inhabitants in Kendall County developed and in 1958 the courthouse stretched with the expansion of twowings to the building, on the east and west sides of the structure. The building stayed being used as the courthouse until 1998, when another office was assembled. Somewhere around 1998 and 2000 the Kendall County Courthouse stood empty until a reclamation undertaking began in 2000. The reclamation incorporated the establishment of a copy of the dome that was uprooted in 1920 and remodel of the notable court. Starting 2008, the court and some gathering rooms serves as rental space for reunions or meeting.

The first building was an unmistakable case of Italianate construction modeling which the 1887 remake was intended to imitate. The first outline was drafted by modeler O.s. Kinnie, he kicked the bucket in 1869 and is credited with outlining many courthouses and open structures in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. No photographs of the first building exist and the known portrayals originate from new reports and government meeting minutes. The upgrade was carried out by Henry Hebbard

The Kendall County Courthouse is mainly paramount for its commitments to government and legislative issues in the territory. Numerous choices were made inside the building that formed the fate of Kendall County. The courthouse was added to the U.s. National Register of Historic Places on November 12, 1998. Per Wikipedia

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